The STEAM vehicle initiative is designed to address the critical need of engaging students in the process of innovation, creativity and technology so that they can become college and career ready. In addition the project will address the critical need for students to become creators of knowledge while presenting, sharing and publishing their designs and solutions to a larger audience, engaging in discourse around their designs, creations and inventions. Participants will acquire strategies for problem solving that integrate STEAM into various activities and will obtain skills in using various tools technology tools and processes. This project will provide educators with a creative, student-powered, hands-on STEAM learning opportunities that align to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Specific strategies are designed to address the needs of female student, students of color and students in poverty so they can see themselves participating in STEAM related careers and continuing education.

A focus of the vehicle is to bring tactile STEAM experiences for both teachers and students into schools and community organizations. A series of visits are planned to support the students and teacher. The vehicle is equipped with the latest technologies including 3d printers and scanners, laser cutter, Venier probeware, mini mills, Makey Makey creative kits , Robotlabs, Arduino, Galileo and wearable e-textile computers, and mobile internet access . NYIT faculty, staff and students who are from the STEM disciplines, will staff the vehicle.

The motto for the TBLS department is "Encourage the Heart and Enable the Mind" and by activating the natural curiosity of students the program will allow students from diverse populations and regions to experience authentic opportunities for innovation and creation while addressing the need to meet State and National Standards.